Transparent Interactions

Working with Healthcare Professionals and Patients

We are committed to transparency. Therefore, we disclose the transfers of value we make to individual healthcare professionals and patients and to their respective organizations. We work with healthcare professionals and patient organizations to deliver new treatment options within brain diseases and our interactions are well-regulated.

Strength in collaboration

To develop and deliver innovative treatment of brain disease, we work with a range of stakeholders. These include healthcare professionals, patients and their respective organizations. We collaborate on research, clinical development, exchange of scientific information, and marketing and sales activities.


These interactions are well-regulated by the national laws and industry association regulations that we integrate into our working processes, training and guidance.  


We are committed to transparency and our disclosed information follows the current laws or regulations from the industry associations we have joined, such as the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA).  

Dialogue with decision makers in Denmark

According to the Ethical rules for dialogue and negotiations with decision-makers published by Danish Ethical Committee for the Pharmaceutical Industry, every pharmaceutical company is obliged to publish a schedule on their website with the names of the PR or communication agencies, legal counsel or similar external consultancies acting on behalf of the pharmaceutical company to engage in dialogue and negotiations with decision-makers.


The following external consultants are representing H. Lundbeck A/S in dialogue and negotiation with decision makers:


Rud Pedersen Public Affairs
Christians Brygge 24, 3.
DK- 1559 København V


Lead Agency
Ravnsborg Tværggade 5c, 1.
DK-2200 København N


We have made the external agencies aware of the present set of rules and that the pharmaceutical company accepts responsibility for ensuring third party compliance therewith.

Transfers of value to healthcare professionals and patient organizations

Here you can find an overview, together with the locations, of Lundbeck’s interactions with healthcare professionals and the related transfers of value:   

Methodological note

EFPIA Disclosure Code Self-Certification

Countries that disclose

Country Year Links
Austria 2019-2023
Lundbeck Austria Website
Belgium 2015-2023
Industry Association Website
Brazil 2017-2023
Industry Association Website
Bulgaria 2021-2023
Lundbeck Corporate Website
Croatia 2015-2023
Lundbeck Corporate Website
Cyprus 2015-2023
Lundbeck Greece Website
Czech Republic 2015-2023
Industry Association Website
Denmark 2017-2023
Local Authority Website
Estonia 2021-2023
Avaleht (
Finland 2021-2023
Lundbeck Finland Website
France 2015-2023
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Website
Germany 2020-2023
Lundbeck Germany Website
Greece 2015-2023
Lundbeck Greece Website
Hungary 2016-2023
Lundbeck Corporate Website
Ireland 2021-2023
Industry Association Website
PO Sponsorships
Italy 2016-2023
Lundbeck Italy Website
Japan 2015-2023
Lundbeck Japan Website
Latvia 2021-2023
Health Inspectorate
Lithuania 2021-2023
Health Inspectorate
Luxembourg 2015-2023
Industry Association Website
Norway 2021-2023
Lundbeck Norway Website
Poland 2015-2023
Lundbeck Poland Website
Portugal 2013-2023
Health Authority Website
Romania 2016-2023
Local Authority Website
Russia 2015-2023
Lundbeck Russia Website
Serbia 2015
Lundbeck Corporate Website
Company closed
Slovakia 2015-2023
Lundbeck Slovakia Website
Industry Association Website
Slovenia 2021-2023
Lundbeck Slovenia Website
Spain 2021-2023
Lundbeck Spain Website
Sweden 2021-2023
Industry Association Website
Switzerland 2019-2023
Lundbeck Switzerland Website
The Netherlands 2016-2023
Industry Association Website
Ukraine 2020-2023
Lundbeck Corporate Website
United Kingdom 2015-2023
Industry Association Website
PO Sponsorships
United States 2015-2023
Federal Government Website

Country 2022 2023
Bulgaria PDF
Croatia PDF PDF
Hungary PDF PDF
Ukraine PDF

Aggregate disclosures

Lundbeck discloses payments and other transfers for value to HCPs and HCOs in aggregate, if the HCP or HCO has used their legal right to refuse consent to individual disclosure, in accordance with the EFPIA Disclosure Code. The data covers Lundbeck affiliates that use Lundbeck’s corporate website for disclosure. Data from other countries can be found on the Country overview tab.

Historic research and development disclosures

Lundbeck undertakes research activities and conducts clinical studies globally. Clinical studies are conducted in accordance with international guidelines and performed by HCPs and HCOs. Our payments and other transfers of value related to pre-clinical, clinical and non-interventional studies are disclosed in aggregate.

R&D payments to HCPs & HCOs
Country 2020 2021
Bulgaria €745,539 €403,565
Croatia €5,101 -
Estonia -
Hungary €52,343 €46,635
Latvia -
Lithuania -
Ukraine €413,939 €232,245

The amounts cover payments and other transfers of value to HCPs and HCOs related to pre-clinical, clinical and non-interventional studies in the countries where the Lundbeck affiliate uses Lundbeck’s corporate website for disclosure in accordance with the EFPIA Disclosure Code.


Data from other countries can be found under Countries that disclose.

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