Social Media Principles

Social Media Principles

Our social media offers a space for information sharing. Due to regulations, we are, however, unable to discuss products/medications, give specific medical advice, or make diagnoses.

Your interaction with us on social media is welcomed and encouraged. When you get engaged you also consent to abide by our community guidelines, which outline the limitations of our social media pages and content.


While we reserve the right to delete any posting at our sole discretion, we will only do so if it violates our rules since we want to promote openness and conversation. 


Be mindful of the following:  


We appreciate your general inquiries, feedback, and suggestions; however, if you believe you may need medical guidance, you should seek assistance from a qualified healthcare provider in your area.  


We will make an effort to reply to posts and/or replies, in which Lundbeck is mentioned and ensure that any shared inaccurate information is promptly addressed. We are not responsible for content altered in retweets or shared posts. In case we are unable to provide you with the information you need, we will instead suggest who you should contact. 

Information about medicines and medical treatment

As a pharmaceutical company, Lundbeck is not allowed to diagnose conditions or provide advice on how your condition should be treated.   


No content shared on our social media platforms should be taken as medical advice and must not be relied upon as such. Moreover, no information offered via our social media platforms should be used instead of professional medical advice. We encourage you to seek a healthcare professional if you have or suspect you have any health issues. 

Our products 

At Lundbeck, we continuously monitor the safety and quality of our products to safeguard the people who depend on taking them. Information on side effects, unexpected benefits, or other safety information (e.g., medication errors, pregnancy, or use outside the approved indication) is an important source of information for this process. 


If you believe you have experienced a side effect when using one of our products, please contact our Pharmacovigilance team via our online contact form.


Alternatively, you can find the contact details of our global affiliates here

Tone of voice

We appreciate feedback and inquiries, and we try to contribute whenever we can. However, we may remove any comments that:


  • Are off topic
  • Are inappropriate, vulgar or abusive
  • Are rude or offensive
  • Are intended to spam
  • Reference a product
  • Solicit or offer medical advice or
  • Otherwise violates our community guidelines

Links to Third Party Websites

Content on our social media channels may contain links to third-party websites (e. g. news outlets) over which we have no control. We do not recommend these websites or their content; we are merely offering these links as a convenience. Lundbeck is not responsible for the content, products, or services available from those sites or links displayed on such sites. 

Data privacy

When interacting with public social media channels (e. g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), please note that the platform’s privacy policy applies. 

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