#1VoiceSummit: Partnering with the advocacy community to further brain health and neuroscience leadership

Lundbeck’s #1VoiceSummit brings together the “glocal” advocacy community to exchange ideas, collaborate and partner up to find ways to amplify the voice of people with lived experience of brain disease. This June, the event, which takes place annually, brought together nearly 80 advocacy groups from over 20 countries. 

This is Lundbeck

We are one of the only pharmaceutical companies in the world focusing exclusively on brain diseases, and we’re set apart by our specialization. 

With more than 70 years of neuroscience expertise, Lundbeck has developed and commercialized some of the world's most widely prescribed therapies for brain diseases.

a better life for people with brain diseases

At Lundbeck, we see patients as people and are committed to support the person behind the disease. 


The complexity of brain diseases requires a concerted effort. We are committed to develop new and better treatment options from innovations born in house or externally.

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