Lighthouse Life Science

Promoting mental health through public private partnerships

As a leader in mental health and life science, Lundbeck is committed to fostering innovation in mental health and driving economic growth through our partnership with the Lighthouse Life Science. 

Lighthouse Life Science is a global lighthouse within life science, striving for equity and improved health, as well as growth and export through innovation. Lighthouse Life Science is meant to be a source of inspiration for new innovative health and welfare technology solutions, both in Denmark and abroad.


We achieve this through a broad public-private partnership, where we improve citizens’ health and strengthen Danish companies’ growth, employment, and export. The goal is to make Denmark a lighthouse for innovative health and welfare technology solutions, with a particular focus on using existing and developing new partnership models that can solve challenges within various health areas. The first two focus areas are healthy weight and mental health.

“Lighthouse Life Science is a great example of how public-private partnerships can advance mental health and life science innovation. At Lundbeck, we are proud to be part of this visionary initiative that aims to improve health outcomes and create economic opportunities for Denmark and the world.” Karin Hamberg, Chief Medical Officer and Lundbeck lead in the Lighthouse

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