Lundbeck Magazine 2021

Preface: Every Brain in the Game

I have a saying I like to use which is, “we need every brain in the game.” What I mean by this is that we need diversity of thought and perspectives across everything that we do, because in the end that is what will make Lundbeck a better company and make us even more relevant for our patients.

Brain disease knows no boundaries and no color, and we are working hard to create a diverse organization and approaches to how we do business, which also reflects the patients we serve. Even those who work for Lundbeck are not exempt from brain diseases and in this issue, you will hear from our colleagues, Carlos and Johan who are living with Migraine and Parkinson´s Disease, respectively. We also take on the topic of racial disparity in being diagnosed and receiving treatment for brain diseases that African Americans and other minorities face. In Lundbeck, we recently pledged to have more diversity in our clinical trials to better reflect the diversity of patient populations. 


Drug Hunger to Find the Next Life-Changing Treatment for Brain Disease

With Lundbeck’s long history in neuroscience, our R&D organization was tasked to rethink its approach towards building a pipeline of premiere neuroscience, focused on rare and niche neurology and psychiatry diseases. Our R&D mindset is based on a concept of “drug hunger,” which compels us to stay at the forefront of innovation and progress a strong portfolio of industry-leading medicines. The team is continuously improving the way it works to reflect the ever-changing neuroscience landscape, integrate patient insights and leverage new technologies. We are delighted to be able to share more about the approach in this issue. 

Our world is changing, our business is changing and as we evolve, we need to ensure we are doing it in a sustainable way and in the best interest of our patients and the people that care for them.  Deborah Dunsire, President and CEO of Lundbeck

Adapting to a New Normal

2020 and 2021 are years that will not be soon forgotten, marked by a global pandemic. We have all had to learn, adapt and reframe what we consider to be normal. The pandemic has had a disproportionate effect on brain health as people struggle to cope with long term isolation and changes to routines. As a global pharmaceutical company focused on brain health, we see it as our responsibility to initiate the dialogue around the pandemic and brain health so we can help healthcare organizations be better prepared for the brain health effects to come.


Throughout the pandemic, we have been fully dedicated to ensuring we can deliver our medicines to the people that need it most and to maintain steady participation of our clinical trials and research activities to produce the scientific data we need to develop new medicines. We have had a lot of learnings over the course of the pandemic, and we have used these to adapt towards new ways of working that will benefit Lundbeck longer term. Using technology, we have adapted how we do clinical trials, how we engage with one another and how we work with healthcare providers. We will continue to leverage our learnings from the pandemic to further brain health and better serve patients. 


Looking Towards the Future

Our world is changing, our business is changing and as we evolve, we need to ensure we are doing it in a sustainable way and in the best interest of our patients and the people that care for them. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. Addressing the world's global challenges is a shared responsibility and we do our part where we can and use our influence where we can make the most significant impact- brain health, ethics, transparency and compliance, and pursuing a zero emissions future. We will continue to promote change when it comes to diversity, gender equality, and responsible business. This is our commitment and at the core of our purpose, tirelessly dedicated to restoring brain health, so every person can be their best.

Deborah Dunsire

President and CEO of Lundbeck

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Lundbeck Magazine 2021

The Lundbeck Magazine portrays true patient stories and reviews the discrimination surrounding people with brain diseases. It also tells the Lundbeck story and describes the pharmaceutical value chain.

Our Commitment: Restoring Brain Health

Knowing the brain and advocating for brain health is at the very heart of Lundbeck’s purpose. We have a long heritage of working to understand the brain and discovering medicines that make a difference to the quality of life for the people we treat.