Lundbeck Magazine 2021

Our Commitment: Restoring Brain Health

Knowing the brain and advocating for brain health is at the very heart of Lundbeck’s purpose. We have a long heritage of working to understand the brain and discovering medicines that make a difference to the quality of life for the people we treat.

Looking ahead, our ambition is to become #1 in brain health. We believe that to restore brain health we need to work in partnership in a multisectoral and multi-stakeholder approach. We will continue to focus on efforts in three priority areas:  


Research and Medical Education

Fostered by a mindset of “drug hunger”, Lundbeck invests 415M EUR1 (close to 20% of our revenue) in brain research annually, we partner with leading research experts and centers and we invest in medical education.


People with Lived Experience and Their Families

We ensure that we listen and integrate patient insights throughout Lundbeck’s value-chain, we provide patient education programs, as well as innovative treatments alongside support programs.


Community and Society

We seek to empower the brain health advocacy community, we co-create and publish evidence that fights stigma, and we advocate for systemic change to improve the lives of people with brain health conditions. As an employer of 5,600 people worldwide, we have a responsibility to promote wellbeing, train our employees and ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace, including of people impacted by brain health conditions.

Our Ambition?

To become number #1 in Brain Health by 2030, so that we are well positioned to continue serving people with brain health conditions for years to come.

Patient Story

So Perfect, So Vulnerable

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Preface: Every Brain in the Game

I have a saying I like to use which is, “we need every brain in the game.” What I mean by this is that we need diversity of thought and perspectives across everything that we do, because in the end that is what will make Lundbeck a better company and make us even more relevant for our patients. 

Lundbeck Magazine 2021

The Lundbeck Magazine portrays true patient stories and reviews the discrimination surrounding people with brain diseases. It also tells the Lundbeck story and describes the pharmaceutical value chain.

Premier Neuroscience at the Heart of R&D

At Lundbeck, we have a strong heritage within neuroscience, and we already have a solid track record of delivering innovative treatments to people living with brain diseases.