Jason F. Houston

Advocacy makes the difference

Jason wants to leave his mark as someone who made a difference. Education, support, and advocacy are the pillars of his work. 

Jason F. Houston

United States

Number of years in Lundbeck: 6


Deerfield, Illinois


Senior BioPharmaceuticals Account Manager

Describe your work

Every day I provide education, support and confidence to physicians, their staff and patients within the field of migraine. 

What challenges are you facing at work?

The most challenging part of my job right now is the ability to physically see our customers, even before the pandemic along with the ever-changing managed market environment for example, when medical systems or insurance providers put up hurdles.  

In your words, what is the Lundbeck culture?

Lundbeck is inclusive of people and ideas. There is a great deal of diverse talent here that allows me to glean ideas that help me become a better professional. I want to be known as one of the best educators, advocates and leaders that my customers and colleagues know in this business. 


For patients, Lundbeck also places a great deal of emphasis on them through advocacy. 


Seeing how people have either been limited in their ability or their potential because of a neurological issue or mental illness has touched me to make a difference in some capacity. Jason F. Houston

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