Brain Power: Meet Alexandre Miguel Barbosa de Sousa

Improving the lives of patients

Meet Alexandre Miguel Barbosa de Sousa, a top-performing sales representative at Lundbeck Portugal. 

For three consecutive years, Alex has received the Sales Representative of the Year award for his outstanding performance. Before joining Lundbeck, Alex had his eyes set on chemical engineering but his strong inclination to forming relationships and passion for improving the quality of life of people with health issues led him to delve into sales within the pharmaceutical industry. 

Can you briefly describe your focus at Lundbeck?

My role involves daily, weekly and monthly advance planning to visit healthcare professionals to continue expanding access to Lundbeck’s medicines to patients who need them.


Despite this constant planning, unforeseen events often arise, making agility and adaptation important to not lose hope knowing a patient in need is on the other side of every healthcare professional.


My role allows the doctors I visit to have access to studies, global information and mechanisms of action to have the necessary knowledge for the prescription of our medicines.


In addition to our daily visits, we also schedule clinical sessions with external speakers, which also reinforces all the practical and clinical information that show the impact our medicines can have on patient’s lives. 

What motivates you to come to work every day?

I have a degree in Chemical Engineering, but my passion for human relationships, sales and the daily challenges that are always present in this profession led me to enter the exciting world of pharmaceuticals in 2007.

"Most importantly, I became a Lundbeck sales representative because I believe my work contributes to improving the quality of life for thousands of patients living with brain disease."

Why did you choose to work at Lundbeck?

I joined Lundbeck in 2018 and it was extremely easy for me to integrate. I have known Lundbeck for over 15 years and I always had a lot of admiration and respect for the company. When I got the opportunity to join Lundbeck four years ago, I was thrilled and proud because I knew that I would be working in a  company with great values, ethics, and incredibly dedicated people.


Since I started working at Lundbeck, I have witnessed how we stand out from  the pack. With the Lundbeck Foundation as the largest shareholder, we  continually reinvest in research and development of new treatments for brain diseases through initiatives such as the Brain Prize, the world’s largest neuroscience research prize. I proudly share this information with all the doctors  I visit. 

Is there an accomplishment or sales milestone you are particularly proud of?

For three years in a row, I have won the Sales Representative of the Year award with Lundbeck Portugal. I am extremely proud of this accolade.

What does brain health mean to you?

For me, brain health is health. Without brain health, there is no health. I think the pandemic has demonstrated to the world that we need to overcome the stigma associated with brain diseases. Depression is not a human weakness but a  physiological disease, which also requires pharmacological treatment, like all other diseases. 

What do you like to do outside of work? 

When I am not working, I like to spend time with my family. I enjoy surfing, snowboarding, playing the guitar, cinema, music concerts and festivals, traveling and getting to know new cultures. But I really like to celebrate achieved successes, because it means that there are good reasons for celebrating. 

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