Lundbeck Magazine 2021

As Diverse as the Patients We Serve

Lundbeck has always had diversity as part of its DNA. Since our very beginnings, a diverse set of people, products and partners have come together to make progress for the patients we serve.  

By our very nature, we embrace different perspectives and ways of thinking. As such, diversity is part of who we are. But today demands more from us and we strive to build an even more inclusive organization. 

Diversity Matters, and Inclusion Creates Powerful Organizations

To ensure that we reflect the diversity of our patients and their needs, we are focused on creating the context, culture, and systems where all Lundbeck employees - no matter who and where they are - can be their authentic self and perform at their best. In practice, this means that individuals feel empowered not despite their differences but because of them.

In simple terms, diversity is the mix. Inclusion is making the mix work. Equity is making sure we are fair and impartial in that process.

We know that people are sometimes put into boxes - some of these boxes are of our own choosing and some are chosen for us. For this reason, Lundbeck is taking a systematic, business-led approach to diversity and inclusion that looks into and breaks down these boxes. Our bold action on inclusion includes an ambitious two-year plan that enables equality of opportunity through fairness and transparency, promotes openness, tackles bias and discrimination, and fosters belonging through our unique Lundbeck culture. From the highest levels of Lundbeck to the shop floor, we are working to ensure diversity and inclusion is an integrated practice and mindset.

5,600  employees as diverse as the patients we serve. A community of specialists fiercely dedicated to restoring brain health, drawing on the uniqueness of every employee.

Doing Better Business

Today, “to do better business” means empowering all team members by respecting and appreciating what makes us different regardless of age, gender, ability, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, parental status, management status, work location, etc. We are constantly looking to evolve our Lundbeck culture. Diversity and inclusion allow us to accommodate differences that expand innovation and strengthen decision-making, which is why we are committed to creating an even more inclusive culture, where everybody benefits, and for which we all have a shared responsibility. 

We are only at the beginning of this journey and we hope you will join us.


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We win together. We strive to make Lundbeck a place where you can grow and thrive – personally and professionally. We need to embrace the uniqueness of individuals, knowing we are stronger when every brain is in the game. Deborah Dunsire, CEO

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Lundbeck Magazine 2021

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