Feature Aug 04, 2021

Lundbeck enters strategic research collaboration with Rgenta Therapeutics on therapies targeting RNA

In a new strategic collaboration, Lundbeck will work together with the US-based company Rgenta Therapeutics to discover small molecules targeting RNA regulation and splicing of disease-causing genes.

Lundbeck is entering a new strategic partnership with Rgenta Therapeutics to further enhance the research efforts to develop treatments for brain diseases. This partnership gives access to technology that targets RNA pathways – a scientific area getting more and more attention, rich in previously “undruggable” targets.


The strategic collaboration will apply Rgenta’s novel discovery platform to identify and optimize RNA-targeting with small molecules. Lundbeck holds the opportunity to exclusively license potential drug candidates for further development and commercialization.


Klaus Bæk Simonsen, Vice President for Molecular Discovery and Innovation in Lundbeck, is excited about the partnership with Rgenta. He explains: “Targeting RNA is a new approach in Lundbeck’s research, and the strategic partnership is important in terms of building capabilities within this area.”


Klaus Bæk Simonsen is one of the people involved in establishing the partnership, and according to him it is a perfect match with their industry-leading in silico tool to identify RNA-protein complexes that can be targeted with small molecules.   

Combining Lundbeck’s CNS understanding and drug discovery experience within small molecules with the capabilities and RNA understanding Rgenta brings to the table will give Lundbeck the opportunity to venture into novel biologies. Klaus Bæk Simonsen, Vice President for Molecular Discovery and Innovation

A possibility for Lundbeck
In the press release that announced the strategic partnership, Tarek Samad, Senior Vice President and Head of Research at Lundbeck stated: “With this strategic R&D collaboration with Rgenta, we continue to supplement our research activities across the value chain. By using Rgenta’s platform capabilities in discovering RNA-targeting small molecules, we aim to pursue novel targets previously inaccessible.”


Additionally, Rgenta’s CEO, Simon Xi, said: “We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with Lundbeck, an industry leader in the neuroscience field. This agreement substantiates the progress we have made in establishing and developing our discovery platform and this collaboration will bring to bear the experience and knowledge of Lundbeck and our innovation engine on small molecule RNA modulators.”


You can read the press release here.