Development process

Developing new and innovative treatments is complex. It takes approximately 10-15 years for a new drug to move through the pharmaceutical value chain from when an idea is conceived until an approved treatment is made available to patients.

In Research, we identify new disease targets and establish and confirm an understanding of the mechanism of action for new, safe drug candidates. Researching new treatments requires deep insight into the disease and into the unmet medical needs of patients. Researchers work to understand the underlying disease biology and identify new targets in the brain. New substances are then selected based on efficacy and are tested for safety and tolerability, before being selected for drug development. 


Drug Development
In Drug Development, we conduct clinical studies globally to establish evidence for new drug candidates, we engage healthcare specialists in scientific discussions to enhance the understanding of our clinical results, and we work to develop safe, reliable and efficient manufacturing processes. Safeguarding the rights, safety and wellbeing of study participants is of the greatest importance. 

The manufacturing process has three major stages: Chemical Production where the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient is made; Pharmaceutical Bulk Production where the product is produced; and the Finished Goods Production where the packs are assembled. We strive to create the best supply chain in the pharmaceutical industry through continuous improvement of reliability, quality and cost. Every year more than 100 million finished goods are sent to distributors, wholesalers and hospitals through close collaboration with our sales affiliates.

Our products are registered globally in more than 100 countries. We produce and conduct scientific and promotional events to educate HCPs about the safe and effective use of our products. We engage decision-makers in activities to help them prioritize psychiatric and neurological disorders and argue the societal value of our products based on thorough assessments. 

In Sales we inform and educate key stakeholders, who are responsible for managing treatment with prescription drugs. We have sales representatives in more than 50 countries. Our activities towards healthcare professionals aim to ensure a correct understanding of our products and their use. We also engage experts and leading specialists as speakers for educational events, where information is exchanged with the purpose of enhancing patient care.

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