The recruitment process

At Lundbeck, all applications are read. We then invite selected candidates to an interview.

Your application should be targeted to the specific open position at Lundbeck and we expect that you, based on the preferred competency profile in the ad, will have the preferred professional, technical and personal competencies and experience. What we want to see in your cover letter and CV is the following:

  • Your motivation to apply for the open position and a position in Lundbeck.
  • How your skills, knowledge and experience are relevant to the position you are applying for and how you can contribute to the success of Lundbeck.
  • A detailed CV of your career and your professional competencies: your results and achievements, activities you have carried out and your areas of responsibility.

Handling your application
Depending on the country you are applying to, you can apply online using the link provided for each job advertisement. Lundbeck will confirm by e-mail that we have received your application and give you an estimated timeline for finalizing the recruitment process. Follow the instructions included in the job ad to find out how to apply in the specific country.

The interview process
The interview process varies from country to country. If you are selected for interview, you will be invited to one or more interviews before a job offer is made. Assessment tools might be part of the process. These enable the hiring manager to evaluate a candidate’s skills, and to see if there is a match between your competencies and the needs of the job and the culture.

After speaking with references, the hiring manager selects the candidate and offers the position to him/her.

As soon as possible after the final decision has been made, we communicate back to all applicants about the status of the process. Lundbeck always encourages applicants to sign up to our job agent, which ensures you will receive a mail as soon as an open position that matches your competencies is open.

Starting at Lundbeck
If you are selected for a position at Lundbeck, you will attend an on-boarding programme, where you will learn more about Lundbeck and our products. Moreover, each department/country usually holds its own special introductory meetings combined with on-the-job training. It is crucial that you get the best possible start in your new career with Lundbeck.


Considering a career in Lundbeck?

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