Clinical Trials

Lundbeck’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people suffering from psychiatric and neurological disorders and we are grateful to the patients, healthy volunteers, families, and clinics that participate in our clinical trials. Each individual’s participation contributes to our understanding of disease and has the potential to benefit patients around the world.

Clinical trials are essential to determine whether new drugs are safe and effective when used to treat people. 

Carefully conducted clinical trials are performed in patients and human volunteers to provide answers to questions such as:

Does a treatment work?
Does it work better than other treatments?
Does it have side effects?

Deciding to participate in a clinical trial requires careful consideration. In most cases, the therapies investigated in clinical trials are not yet approved by regulatory agencies and the benefits and risks of taking the treatment are not completely known. However, regulatory agencies and ethics committees have approved the conduct of the clinical trial. By volunteering for a clinical trial, you are helping the medical community determine whether new treatments are safe and effective.

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