In order to facilitate fast and qualitative decision-making on partnering opportunities, Lundbeck has a structured process in place for evaluating external innovation.

At Lundbeck, our in-licensing review process has four stages:

Partnering process

Stage 0 – Initial evaluation

  • Candidate identified as a potential partnering opportunity
  • Evaluation of business hypothesis
  • Entry into CDA/Secrecy agreement

Stage 1 – Full evaluation

  • Business hypothesis established
  • In-depth internal scientific evaluation of confidential material to confirm scientific rationale
  • In-depth internal commercial assessment to confirm business rationale
  • Initial business case developed

Stage 2 - Due diligence and confirmation of business rationale

  • Completion of due diligence
  • External validation of business rationale (market research, exclusivity assessment etc.)
  • Cross-functional validation of partnering opportunity
  • Development of non-binding terms
  • Confirmation of business case

Stage 3 - Negotiation and contracting

  • Negotiation of deal terms and conditions
  • Final deal terms and conditions
  • Finalization of partnering contract
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