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The Lundbeck Magazine portrays true patient stories and reviews the discrimination surrounding people with brain diseases. It also tells the Lundbeck story and describes the pharmaceutical value chain.

Brain diseases inflict a huge amount of suffering on patients, as well as sorrow and despair on their relatives. 

Hundreds of millions of people in the world suffer from brain diseases. In spite of therapeutic progress, unfortunately, we remain a long way from fully understanding these diseases. There are immense unmet needs, not only for medication, but also for entire solutions in which therapy and updated information about the diseases are crucial factors.

Unfortunately, public awareness and the resources spent on curing and alleviating brain diseases are a long way from matching the severity and consequences of the burden. These diseases place an enormous economic cost on society because they reduce or eliminate the patient’s ability to work.

At Lundbeck, we have made it our ambition to be the company that makes the biggest difference worldwide in the treatment of patients living with brain diseases. Assuming this responsibility is an enormous task, but it is also an incredible joy when we succeed in developing a new and innovative drug that benefits people worldwide.


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