Lundbeck takes part in a comprehensive initiative to understand the blood-brain barrier

Lundbeck is one of 27 international partners from academia, industry, and small and medium enterprises, that aims to solve the mysteries of the blood-brain barrier.

A new initiative consisting of 27 partners are aiming to take further steps in understanding the blood-brain barrier, a barrier that filtrates what goes into the brain and in effect makes it difficult to make medicines that enter the brain.

“The purpose of the cooperation is to develop a human model of the blood-brain barrier. That tool will be very important if we want to optimize delivery of molecules to the brain and help more patients,” says Allan Jensen, Senior Director, Biologics Biotherapeutic Discovery.

The cooperation is between different partners within academia, industry, and small and medium enterprises. The Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences (NDCN) at University of Oxford is coordinating the project, that will run for five years and in total holds a budget of approximately 18 million euros.

“The blood-brain barrier is an issue when it comes to treatment of neurological diseases. If we are to use the technology of today, we need to work together to do so. That is why we are coming together with a vision to help more patients by understanding more about the blood-brain-barrier,” Allan Jensen finishes. 

The funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) to the IM2PACT consortium will allow this public-private partnership, which includes leading international experts in the field, to facilitate the development of drugs to treat neurological disorders by:

  • discovering and developing innovative and effective brain transport mechanisms
  • establishing and characterising BBB models with good predictability in health and disease
  • identifying translational read-outs closer to the pathogenesis of neurodegeneration and mimicking altered BBB under disease conditions
  • in-depth understanding of the biology of the BBB and characterisation of various pathophysiological mechanisms across the BBB
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