November: Flying start to huge depression/genetics-study

Already after three months, recruitment of 25,000 participants for the depression/genetics-study with 23andMe has been completed.

October: Lundbeck listed among world’s climate elite

Once again Lundbeck’s efforts to reduce energy consumption and CO2-emissions has been recognized as world leading.

October: We have discovered whole new ways of treating schizophrenia

Lundbeck has used gene- and other ground breaking technology to identify several new mechanisms in the brain that are highly relevant when treating schizophrenia.

September: Inventing a light to uncover Alzheimer's-secret

We have initiated a new research partnership with the aim of illuminating the aggregated tau protein in the brain which could help shine new light on the riddle of Alzheimer’s disease.

August: Finding the brain’s own Alzheimer’s telltales

Lundbeck takes part in new research collaboration between authorities, universities and companies to find biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease.

August: Lundbeck collaborates on large first-of-its kind study of links between genetics and psychiatric disorders

25,000 patients will be enrolled in the first study ever to combine data from genetics,

cognitive tests and online surveys to explore how genetics is related to Major

Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Depression and certain brain functions.

June: Lundbeck’s Patient Advocacy Summit 2017

Lundbeck is proud to host the 4th annual global patient advocacy summit on 28-29 June 2017. The theme is “One voice – together we will make a difference”, and the summit convenes patient organizations and advocacy groups from across the world that are concerned with psychiatric and neurological disorders.

April: Lundbeck awards Denmark’s most talented young researchers

200 students from upper secondary schools all over Denmark met in the final of Lundbeck’s Drughunter natural sciences competition and Søren Pind, Minister for Higher Education and Research, attended the final.

April: Lundbeck leads new EU research project

We bring together companies and universities in a new project supported by the EU that may lead to future treatments of both Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

March: World class life science

As chair of the Growth Team for Danish Life Science Kåre Schultz has today presented the team’s recommendations for better framework conditions for the industry to the Danish government.

March: Patient groups rank Lundbeck as top tier company

In a worldwide survey, Lundbeck is ranked as number 8 out of 47 pharma companies when it comes to our reputation among patient groups familiar with Lundbeck.

February: Exciting breakthrough in antibody research

Leveraging 400 million years of evolution, Lundbeck and biotech company Ossianix has reached an important milestone in our work to use shark antibodies to enable delivery of therapeutic drugs into the brain.

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