Huge reduction in CO2 emissions and energy costs

For a number of years, Lundbeck has conducted energy-conserving activities benefiting the environment and our business. This is possible through an integrated approach, where a dedicated team of engineers and maintenance employees challenge habits and conventional thinking to identify new ways to reduce our energy use and implement more sustainable energy sources.

When reducing energy consumption – CO2 emissions are reduced as well. Compared to 2014, Lundbeck has reduced its CO2 emissions by 9% in the first three quarters of 2015. Our long term target commits us to cut CO2 emissions 55% by 2020, compared to 2006 emission levels. Until now, we have managed to reduce our overall corporate CO2 emissions by 46% – almost bisecting our emission levels in just 9 years.

A great benefit from the reduced CO2 emissions is a strong business case in terms of reduced energy costs. Compared to 2006, our annually global electricity costs have now been reduced by app. DKK 20 million a year due to our corporate energy initiatives.

Efforts and results globally acknowledged
The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)* performs benchmarking of more than 4,700 companies. The benchmark rates the companies' ability to handle climate change and manage their CO2 emissions. Again in 2015 Lundbeck reached a high score, achieving 98 points out of 100 possible. In comparison, the average score for the healthcare sector is 82 points. 

On the FTSE4good Index, our performance was also acknowledged in 2015. FTSE4good is a global sustainability index, scoring large companies on their environmental performance. Action towards limiting climate change is one parameter. Lundbeck performed well and achieved the highest score possible, 5 out of 5 points.
Local energy initiatives pay off
During the years, many local initiatives have been taken into consideration in the continuous work to reduce Lundbeck’s global energy consumption. In headquarters in Valby, Denmark, two grand energy projects in 2015 have been ongoing: optimization of the cooling in a server room and adjusting the oxygen control in our steam boilers. 

In the server room, the server racks have been placed in closed cabinets and the temperature has been adjusted to the necessary cooling demand. This has reduced the annual electricity consumption by 342 MWh/year – equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 68 households. The optimized oxygen control in the steam boiler has improved the burning process and reduced city gas consumption equivalent to 324 MWh/year. 

For the years to come, Lundbeck will continue to work proactively towards lowering our impact on climate change and benefit our business through energy reductions. 

Read more about our environmental position and progress.

*CDP is an international not-for-profit organization providing the only global system to measure, disclose, manage and share environmental information

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