Lundbeck CDM

Lundbeck Custom Development & Manufacturing

Lundbeck CDM is what we call the services and expertise that we extended to existing and new partners. Our services range from development, scale-up and production of small-molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients and fine-chemicals intermediates to drug product formulation and packaging.

With our chemical synthesis facilities in Lumsås (Denmark) and Padova (Italy) and our pharmaceutical production sites in Valbonne (France) and Valby (Denmark), we have decades of experience in active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), drug product (DP) and custom manufacturing services of both.


We provide our partners with a complete range of development and production services, from route screening, over process development and optimization, manufacturing of clinical trial batches to industrialization and large-scale commercial production.

Our long heritage


Years of experience


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Why choose Lundbeck CDM as your long-term partner?

In Lundbeck Our Beliefs constantly drive the way we work. Both in process development and production, our patient-driven approach underpins why you should choose Lundbeck CDM as your partner.



Sustainability and Compliance


Being part of a pharmaceutical group operating world-wide, Lundbeck CDM has committed itself to the highest standards within quality and environmental, social and governance targets. Our tradition of ethical and sustainable initiatives and behavior is long, and we are devoted to continuously develop sustainable solutions. As part of our Sustainability commitment, we have a Carbon Net-zero Plan and a plan to minimize our environmental impact. When developing new production processes, we carefully select environmentally sustainable solutions guided by Green Chemistry principles.





Our culture is focused on maintaining a high reliability on everything from process development over production, project execution and to delivery to the customer. Our supply-chains are robust with appropriate contingencies established in material sources, timelines, and safety-stock according to customer requirements.


Our facilities are certified by local and international health and drug agencies such as FDA, EMA, PMDA, ANVISA and MFDS.




Key players in the pharmaceutical industry, ranging from big pharma to biotech, have entrusted Lundbeck CDM with the development of their new drugs, relying on our expertise, experience and technological capabilities in process development and industrialization to support clinical development and launch, profiting from the innovations and optimizations developed by Lundbeck CDM to expand their portfolios and their know-how.


Our chemical process development team is highly skilled and well-equipped for the identification of innovative chemical solutions, which is so appreciated by our many partners. Each project is assigned a dedicated team of chemists, engineers, and technicians with the required set of  expertise in process development, analytical development, Process Analytical Technology, Design of Experiments, process calorimetry and safety evaluation, impurity profile investigation and characterization. Our process development capacity allows for 6-10 projects annually.


Your drug product and packaging operation is in safe hands with our highly skilled team that can support you in development of your drug product, manufacturing of clinical trial batches or commercial products, along with all analytical and primary and secondary packaging services including serialization and aggregation solutions.

Core Technology Expertise

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
            Drug Products & Packaging
  • Green Chemistry: we create value for you improving the environmental footprint of your process
  • Flow Chemistry: used in commercial productions with volumes
    >10 MT. Available also for Grignard reactions
  • Simulating Moving Bed (SMB): in use for commercial productions
  • High Pressure Reactions: hydrogenation, amination
  • Broad Temperature Range: from -80°C to 300°C
  • Organometallic Reactions: Grignard, lithiation, metal catalyzed cross-coupling reactions
  • Handling of Toxic Substances: cyanide salts, bromine
  • Solid dose technologies (tablets, micro-tablets)
  • Packaging technologies (blisters, bottles, vials, kit, prefilled syringes)
  • In-house analytical services (development, validation, transfer, ICH stability)
  • Serialization and aggregation







Lumsås site

Padova site

Valbonne site

             Padova Lumsås
140 215
Reactors, Stainless Steel   20 (100 - 6000 litres) 49 (300 - 6000 litres)
Reactors, Glass-Lined 18 (100 - 9000 litres) 25 (500 - 5000 litres)
Reactors, Hastelloy 6 (200 - 3000 litres) -
Total Reactor Capacity 140 m³ 200 m³
Temperature Range -50 to +300°C -25 to +150°C
Pressure Range Up to 12 bar Up to 10 bar
Dryers 10 12
Milling / Delumping 9 3
Special Strength



High vacuum thin-film distillation


Highly confined operation units

Reaction calorimetry & process safety

Simulated Moving Bed


Continuous Production


Controlled Substances

Safety, Health & Environmental ISO14001 / 45001 / IPPC ISO14001 / 45001
Pilot plant

Key capacity and capability information for our API sites



Proprietary Portfolio

Lundbeck CDM produces the following generic APIs:   

Argatroban Monohydrate
Blonanserin psychosis
Citalopram Hydrobromide depression
Clomipramine Hydrochloride depression
Dapsone* acne/dermatitis
Desipramine Hydrochloride depression
Diazoxide hypertension
Escitalopram Oxalate* depression
Imipramine Pamoate depression
Isocarboxazid depression
Lofepramine Hydrochloride depression
Metoclopramide Hydrochloride nausea
16590-41-3 Naltrexone alcohol dependence/opioid dependence
23239-51-2 Ritodrine Hydrochloride premature labor
521-78-8 Trimipramine Maleate depression
706779-91-1 Pimavanserin parkinson disease - psychosis
202825-46-5 Safinamide Mesylate parkinson disease - motor symptoms

* may not be available for all markets