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Aivoterveyden saavutettavuus

Omistautunut parantamaan aivojen terveyttä (Eng.)

Olemme omistautuneet aivoterveyden saavutettavuuden parantamiseen. Teemme tutkimustyötä tuodaksemme innovatiivisia lääkkeitä saataville ja poistaaksemme uusien hoitojen saavutettavuuden esteitä. Pyrimme edistämään aivosairauksien hyväksyntää sekä turvaamaan lääkkeidemme korkean laadun.

Oikeus terveyteen -periaatteet

Perustuen yli 70 vuoden kokemukseen aivosairauksien hoitoon tarkoitettujen lääkkeiden tutkimuksesta, kehityksestä ja tuotannosta, Lundbeck on yhdistänyt konserninsa toimet aivoterveyden saavutettavuuden -strategiaan. Tämä noudattaa WHO:n neljää oikeus terveyteen -periaatetta: saatavuus, saavutettavuus, hyväksyttävyys ja hyvä laatu.


Olemme määritelleet pyrkimyksemme näille kullekin periaatteelle. Rakennamme nykyisiä toimia uusilla aloitteilla tulevien vuosien aikana:


Saatavuus (Availability): Jaamme asiantuntijatietoamme puuttuaksemme aivosairauksien taakkaan ja jatkamme lääkkeiden saatavuuden edistämistä.


Saavutettavuus (Accessibility): Edistämme lääkkeidemme saavutettavuutta puuttumalla syrjiviin, fyysisiin ja taloudellisiin sekä tiedollisiin esteisiin.


Hyväksyttävyys (Acceptability): Edistämme mielenterveyspotilaiden yhdenvertaisuutta, vähennämme stigmaa, tuemme kansallisia itsemurhia ehkäiseviä toimia sekä edistämme aivosairauksien hyväksyttävyyttä yhteisöissä.


Hyvä laatu (Good Quality): Toimitamme korkealaatuisia lääkevalmisteita, varmistamme potilasturvallisuuden sekä torjumme lääkeväärennöksiä.


We expand on each of these below.

Video: Access to Brain Health


Lundbeck is engaged in the research and development, production, marketing and sale of innovative pharmaceuticals. We build on our strong scientific understanding of brain diseases to develop transformative medicines, and on our global presence to bring innovative therapies to people living with psychiatric and neurological diseases. 

These are serious and life-threatening diseases that affect quality of life for patients and their relatives. The past 50 years have seen a revolutionary change in treatment options, but there remains a large unmet need.


Lundbeck remains committed to delivering the innovation that patients need. We work tirelessly to advance neuroscience, develop new life-changing treatments and support patient communities. Everything we do serves our overall purpose of restoring brain health and transforming the lives of the millions of people living with brain diseases.


Given its high-risk nature, many companies have reduced their investments or even abandoned research within brain disease. Lundbeck has tirelessly sustained its focus in this critical area of medicine. 


Lue Lundbeckin liiketoiminnasta viimeisimmästä


In the coming years, we will take additional actions to address discriminatory, physical, economic, and informational barriers to make safe and efficacious brain disease treatments more accessible.


We acknowledge the challenges faced by healthcare systems under pressure from rising demands and recognize concerns over the affordability of innovative medicines. But we remain resolute that our commercialization of improved treatments creates value for patients, societies and investors.


Running a sustainable business requires us to invest in new and better treatments for patients, while reducing the societal burden and delivering a competitive return to our shareholders. The value we generate from our marketed medicines allows us to reinvest in research and development of new and better treatments.

Medical product donations continue to play an important role for many diseases that affect populations living in low and middle-income countries, and for people living in poverty, it may represent the only chance they have to access the treatment they need.


The partnership between the UK based health charity, IHP, and Lundbeck contribute in addressing the unmet mental health needs in the Middle East and Africa region as well as raising awareness of mental health conditions, fighting stigma, advocating for parity for mental health and ultimately serving the people often overlooked in mental health provision.


We work to enhance cultural acceptability of brain diseases, improve mental health parity, reduce stigma, support disease awareness and offer education. The ultimate beneficiaries are those with brain disease and their carers.


Lundbeck collaborates with the patient advocacy and the medical communities on a series of initiatives, including global awareness-raising campaigns on brain health promotion and stigma reduction. In addition, we partner, support and collaborate with lived experience representatives and advocacy groups, including the International Association for Suicide Prevention, the European Migraine and Headache Alliance, and GAMIAN-Europe.


In 2019, to drive our global engagement and educational efforts on suicide prevention, we published the booklet ‘Mental Health and Suicide Prevention - Lundbeck's Recommendations and Commitments’. Drafted in consultation with experts in the field, it aims to raise awareness and support education in suicide prevention.

Lundbeck has also been a proud supporter of World Mental Health Day since 2015, working in close collaboration with our global and local mental health advocacy partners to raise mental health awareness and fight stigma. In 2021, we published a new position paper 'Mental health in an unequal world' with Lundbeck’s views on the socio-economic determinants of mental health.

Good quality

Our actions to provide medicines are of a good quality cover the value chain from early research, clinical development and manufacturing, through to distribution to pharmacies.

Quality management system

We integrate our quality and patient safety processes into our ‘GxP’ Quality Management System. ‘GP’ stands for Good Practice and ‘x’ represents Laboratory (GLP), Clinical (GCP), Pharmacovigilance (GPvP), Manufacturing (GMP), and Distribution (GDP). Our Good Practices are maintained through procedures, training, and regular auditing. Our GxP Quality Management System aligns with Lundbeck's Code of Conduct, business objectives and processes, and with national and international regulatory requirements.

Animal research for safe and efficacious medicine

Lundbeck is obliged by the authorities to conduct studies on animals to advance safe and efficacious medicines to treat brain diseases. We will only use animal studies where no alternatives exist and when the benefits outweigh the possible risks of animal discomfort. We provide appropriate care for our animals and continuously work to improve our animal research policy, procedures, and animal facilities. Our expectations related to animal welfare practices in our own facilities, in whatever country, and by external partners worldwide, when using living animals to conduct studies on our behalf, are stated in the Marseille Declaration.

Preventing counterfeit medicine

Counterfeit medicine is fake medicine. It is deliberately mislabelled products with the correct or wrong ingredients, without active ingredients, with insufficient active ingredients or with fake packaging.


We take stringent measures to secure our supply chain and ensure that genuine Lundbeck medicines reach patients every time. We protect the integrity of our products by labelling packages with batch numbers, serial numbers and 2D matrix technologies. We use transport companies audited and approved through our quality agreements. We collaborate with customs authorities to surveil shipments claiming to contain Lundbeck products and engage with international organizations dedicated to fighting counterfeit medicine.


Medicines should only be purchased through authorized channels as recommended by healthcare professionals. Lundbeck does not offer its medicines for sale on the internet or through social media.


If you have any concerns about the authenticity of a Lundbeck product please contact us.

Reporting of adverse drug reactions

We acknowledge our responsibility to people who depend on our products and knowledge to manage their disease. Reporting of adverse drug reactions is important for us to continuously evaluate the benefits and risks of our products and take proactive action as warranted.


Please consult your doctor if you experience a potential adverse drug reaction. You can also report adverse drug reactions directly to Lundbeck via the online contact form. If you prefer to talk to a Lundbeck employee in your country, please look up the phone number of the Lundbeck affiliates.