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Lundbeck lyhyesti

Lundbeck pähkinänkuoressa (Eng.)

Lundbeck on maailmanlaajuisesti toimiva lääkeyritys, joka on erikoistunut kehittämään innovatiivisia hoitoja aivosairauksiin. Yli 70 vuoden ajan miljoonia ihmisiä on hoidettu tuotteillamme, ja edelläkävijähoitojen kehityksemme ja jakelumme jatkuu, jotta voimme parantaa ihmisten elämää ympäri maailman.

Lundbeck lukuina (Eng.)


Lundbeck was founded by Hans Lundbeck in Copenhagen more than 100 years ago.


We are approximately 5,600 employees worldwide.


Our largest shareholder is the Lundbeck Foundation owning approximately 70%.


Our products are registered in more than 100 countries globally.


Number of years that we have been building our neuroscience expertise.

50 m

Our portfolio of products reaches more than 50 million people yearly.

Global presence

We are headquartered in Denmark and located in more than 50 countries around the world. We have production facilities in Denmark, France, and Italy, and research centers in Denmark and US.

We have employees in more than 50 countries, and employ approximately 5,600 people across the value chain.


In 1999, Lundbeck’s shares were listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen. Our largest shareholder is the Lundbeck Foundation, which holds approximately 70% of the shares. The Foundation annually grants about DKK 500 million to support medical research and educational and communication activities.

Key financial figures

Our 2020 revenue reached a total of DKK 17.7 billion.

Our largest markets are US, China, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, Korea, Australia and Brazil.

In 2020, our total revenue from strategic brands was DKK 10.6 billion.

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Our Science

Lundbeck has developed some of the world’s most widely prescribed therapies.


Our products - the proud results of years of research.


Take your next career step with Lundbeck.