Pablo Martín-Gago

Why Copenhagen and Why Lundbeck

Pablo, a medicinal chemist, joins Lundbeck from Spain. Although he’s only been at Lundbeck and in Denmark for a year, he explains why the steep learning curve at his job, the responsibility he’s been given, and the Danish summers have made Denmark feel like home.

Pablo Martín-Gago


Number of years in Lundbeck: 1 




Senior Research Scientist – Medicinal Chemistry

Describe the core of your work

In the Med. Chem. department, we apply cutting-edge medicinal chemistry for the design and synthesis of patentable bioactive molecules that afford safe target engagement to address unmet patient needs. In fewer words:

“We design and create molecules that treat brain diseases.” Pablo Martín-Gago

And we do so in multi-disciplinary and collaborative project teams by using our high expertise in targeting CNS disorders.

Describe your time in Lundbeck

This first year at Lundbeck has been exciting and productive thanks to a steep learning curve, and with the promise of more to come. Here I found a working environment built to thrive on excellence, ambition, creativity and collaboration. I trust that is a strong base to succeed on the challenging science that is needed to improve the treatments of patients living with brain diseases.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you see Lundbeck in five years?

I see myself having led further some of the now early activity projects close to (or into!) clinical development, and I see Lundbeck having filled up our late-stage pipeline with compounds developed in-house. The recent expansion of our operating space opened exciting possibilities to target a broader range of brain diseases. With the firm aim of restoring brain health, novel upcoming projects are in the need of innovative molecules to be developed in-house by using our high expertise, skills and capabilities, and I expect that to be reflected in the upcoming years by a well-populated, top-quality pipeline over all clinical and pre-clinical phases.

What is the best part of living in Copenhagen?

Enjoying the Copenhagen summer. This might sound ironic, because summer here can be very short to non-existing, but the moment spring has sprung -which can be as late as June-, the city opens completely to long light days, comfortable summer heat, numerous street festivals, multicultural events happening in the very distinct yet equally captivating neighborhoods, and endless outdoor opportunities. Biking in a swimsuit around the city’s canals and the transition bike-to-swim on a hot sunny day is the definite pinnacle of life in Copenhagen.

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