Mara Formentini

Bringing Your Whole Self to Work and its Rewards

Mara is multidimensional; a pharmacist and soon-to-be art therapist. Lundbeck has been with her on her journey and grown in line with her convictions -- care for the environment and equality of care.   

Mara Formentini


Number of years in Lundbeck: 16


Swiss with Italian blood in my veins


Specialist Psychiatry

Describe your daily work rhythm

Working in the field means traveling every day, meeting several different people from the healthcare sector, in a wide variety of positions, in order to build up good relationships with them in the long term. To introduce them to our products, to respond to their wishes, to identify their needs, to plan further activities in order to be a trustworthy working partner. So quick action, good agility in thinking and speaking to be effective, and a great sense of humor to be well accepted - almost like our products, scientifically based, effective and well tolerated!

What led you to the field of brain diseases?

The way our psychological evolution connects with the brain, the complexity of this organ has always fascinated me! When I was a young girl, my mother died of a stroke, which affected me very much. A few years later, I worked in neurosurgery and gained more insight into what had happened in my mother's brain because of science. It gave me a kind of peace, because there was a certain clarity, and at the same time I also noticed that it changed my feelings. Being an educator for mentally handicapped people then deepened and required more extensive knowledge of the subject matter, and it was along this path that the meeting with Lundbeck occurred. I have been working in the company for 16 years now and it delights and impresses me every day anew what we can offer to the affected people with a brain disease and their relatives in order to understand it better and to be able to offer a therapy.

What motivates you?

For me personally, I love challenges that motivate me, to reach measurable goals, because these are focused on analysis of the area be it professional as well as geographical and cultural. This diversity, especially when working in a geographically small territory, implies that a single employee takes care of everything, this is also a factor that motivates me, I like to work and act alone and I also like to take responsibility. If then after done analysis, motivated budget, in the end everything works out and the goals can be achieved or even exceeded, results in clarity and satisfaction again.

I see in this company everything that counts for me; environment, innovation, commitment, active on the path to equality between women and men and care. mara formentini

Of all the workplaces, why Lundbeck?

Because I see Lundbeck as a very innovative company that is interested in continuity and implements this in all business strategies by setting clear priorities and communicating them openly. A special focus on ecological factors in order to actively look for new ways to reduce the impact on nature in this chapter as well. Paying special attention to the proportion of women in management positions of the company. In summary, because I see in this company everything that counts for me; environment, innovation, commitment, active on the path to equality between women and men and care.

What makes you proud at work?

That over the years I have been able to creatively contribute my ideas, strategies, implement them in the field and contribute to the good success. It fascinates me to continue to grow with the company, to be able to bring new therapies for patients to the market, so that people can live better with their illness and achieve a good quality of life. 


But what I can say with certainty, and this is an important part, is that until today, I have moved versatile through my career, not steeply but broadly striving the way. Always with interest and curiosity, open to changes, what gives me the opportunity to make so many interesting experiences. Maintaining my authenticity and integrity in the appearance, has been confirmed again and again in the relationship of my work partners. 

What is the most demanding and challenging part of your work?

Probably the biggest challenge is to master such a small area with all its peculiarities, own Organisation, own language, within the given priorities. As a border region, in our case with Italy, another challenge is to unite all cultures while keeping Lundbeck's culture intact. It is the most beautiful challenge there is!

What's next?    

I have always continued my education and currently I am on the way to the higher professional examination in art therapy, which joins my further education as a storyteller-fairy tale therapist. So, I wish, like the heroes in the fairy tale again and again to transform imbalances into balances.  As long as the path may still be, I hope to be able to meet people again and again, and to be able to go new ways with them, in view of the whole, which constitutes humanity in its being and having, in contentment and ease.

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