Lili Dai

Meet Lili, Associate Marketing Director 

From our Chinese office, Lili looks after the entire product lifecycle, encouraging innovation at every step. 

Lili Dai





Associate Marketing Director, NEU New Product and Digital Channels 

Describe your work

I proudly work to improve brain health for Chinese patients. I entered the industry when I graduated from college to be a sales rep for MDD products. In the past 14 years, I’ve explored several therapeutic areas for brain health, including MDD, schizophrenia, AD and PD. Recently, we've piloted online sales with our products and gained some successful experience. My job as a marketer is full of innovation, passion, challenges, as well as success. Everyday, I am challenged with the task of making different products at different life cycle stages succeed and achieving our commercial targets. 

Describe Lundbeck's culture

Lundbeck cares about people, which I think is the most important part for me. Another thing is that Lundbeck is very supportive of innovation, which can provide much room for us to try better ways to serve our patients.

The most important is that I can provide more and better products and services for our patients with brain diseases. LILI DAI

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