Antonio Fernández Amil

A Career Full Circle: A Decade at Lundbeck, Pause, then Back at Lundbeck Again

After a restructuring, Antonio returned to Lundbeck. Year after year he has achieved exceptional results, recognized by his title of Sales Representative of the Year in 2020. Empathy he says, makes his job meaningful.

Antonio Fernández Amil


Number of years in Lundbeck: 12




Sales Representative

Describe your everyday work

I help health professionals to make better decisions in their pharmacological approaches in patients suffering from depressive disorders. 

Describe your career at Lundbeck

I have always had a special interest in psychiatry. Lundbeck crossed my path, almost 23 years ago, and gave me the opportunity to fulfill a professional dream.


In 2004, I had to leave Lundbeck Spain due to a team restructuring. In 2009 I was able to come back and I have achieved successful professional results year after year culminating in being the Sales Representative of the Year in 2020, which I am really proud of. I want to continue to be recognized as a hardworking and honest person who has proudly represented the Lundbeck brand with good standing.


It is a company with a long tradition and prestige in CNS, research and known for its innovation. Doors open more easily when you represent a company like Lundbeck. It's easy to feel well supported. 

I consider myself an empathic person, so in my job, I can help clinicians to make better decisions and help patients to benefit more from their treatments. So both my personal interests and my eagerness to help are fulfilled. Antonio fernández amil

What motivates you?

I have a lot of ambitious new projects to work on and continue to develop, collaborating with smart people to learn from. Without a doubt, I'm driven to continue improving and maintaining the highest levels of commercial performance.

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