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Lundbeck Women in Science

Celebrate Lundbeck's Women in Science with Us

International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated each year on February 11. It's a time to promote participation in science for women and girls and voice support for gender equity.

At Lundbeck, we understand that we can’t effectively meet the needs of our patient communities if we lack diversity in our own organization. We are committed to building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive work environment in our labs, facilities, sites and locations across the globe. Because we know it will take #EveryBrainInTheGame to achieve our ambition of #1 in brain health.


Today we celebrate all women in science, and we introduce you to a few of the passionate people powering neuroscience innovation at Lundbeck. Get to know them and learn their "why brain science? Why Lundbeck?"

“The human brain and the way it functions has always fascinated me. Being part of a team that is working towards discovering better treatments for people living with brain disease is very rewarding." CHARLOTTE HOUGAARD - Principal Scientist
“I have a passion for analytical technologies. Being able to measure new Lundbeck molecules and their effect in the brain is, to me, a fascinating way to contribute to the discovery of new medicines." DORTHE BELLING - RESEARCH TECHNICIAN
“I am proud to work in a field that improves the quality of daily life for millions of people. The field is exciting and challenging because it is in constant development." VICTORIA MICHAUT - Qualification & Validation Specialist
“Working to help people facing brain diseases is inspiring. I'm proud to be adding my contribution to making a difference for people." CLAIRE NOEL - Manager, Quality Control System
“To me, the most rewarding part of working in science is the moment a project succeeds and you get to see the impact it has on so many people living with brain diseases." ANDREA KNUB - Development Scientist
“The brain is a fascinating and complex challenge. It requires creativity and innovation to find ways of improving brain health and ultimately help people living with brain diseases. That motivates me."  CAMILLA KIRSTEIN THYGESEN - Research Scientist
“I find the complexity of neuronal circuits and how these circuits are modulated within the brain fascinating. My work at Lundbeck has intensified my passion for understanding how the brain performs." MARITA GRØNNING HANSEN - Senior Research Scientist
“I want to be part of a company that is committed to overcoming the stigma of mental illness and treating all aspects of brain disease. Lundbeck understands the power of representation and the benefit of having diverse voices at the table." PATRICIA DIANNE McNEILL - Associate Director, Cell Culture Development
“We have women who are great role models and mentors at every level of the global organization, from our CEO on down. Lundbeck helps create a supportive culture that enables all of us to do our best work, without having to sacrifice work-life balance." HOLLY REARDON - Principal Scientist
The reasons that make Lundbeck a great place to work, period, are what make it a great place for women in science. There are so many opportunities to pursue science... and it’s great to see women at all levels of the company, especially in leadership roles." JEANNE MOODY - Scientist, Chemistry and Chemical Biology