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Names and Compounds of our Products 

Lundbeck has a broad range of products within brain diseases. With registered products in more than 100 countries, we leverage our global presence to bring innovative therapies to people living with brain diseases around the world. 
Neurological Disorders
Disease Area Trademark Compound
Migraine Vyepti® Eptinezumab
Parkinson's disease Azilect® Rasagiline
Alzheimer's disease Ebixa® Memantine
Psychiatric Disorders
Disease Area Trademark Compound
Psychosis Clopixol Depot® Zuclopenthixoldecanoate
Fluanxol Depot® Cis(Z)-Flupenticoldecanoate
Rexulti® Brexpiprazole
Depression, Anxiety Lexapro® Escitalopram Oxalate
Rexulti® Brexpiprazole
Brintellix® Vortioxetine
Deanxit® Flupentixol + melitracene
Schizophrenia Abilify Maintena® Aripiprazole
Bipolar Disorder Abilify Maintena® Aripiprazole

Report an Adverse Drug Reaction

Reporting of potential adverse drug reactions is important in order for us to continuously evaluate the benefits and risks of our products and take proactive action as warranted.

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