Micro-tablets manufacturing is based on knowledge and expertise developed by Lundbeck

Micro-tablets represent a new trend in solid dosage form design, with the main goal of overcoming some therapeutic obstacles.



Micro-tablets are multiple unit dosage forms and are advantageous than pellets or any other oral dosage forms as they are easy to manufacture and with good stability profile. 

Micro- tablets are more acceptable for children and elderly people as they are easy to swallow. 


Micro-tablets offer some therapeutic benefits such as dose flexibility and combined release patterns.


Produced by direct compression, micro-tablets are:

  • Round
  • Cylindrical 
  • Diameter 2-3mm.
  • The ease with which they can be administered makes them of growing interest for pediatric or geriatric medicinal products.

Micro-tablets are easy to coat, with a wide choice of functional coatings, to provide sustained or controlled release of the active ingredient (aqueous or organic coating). 

The solution for your product including more than one active ingredient



Micro-tablets enable different active ingredients to be mixed in a single dose unit.


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