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Our Strategy

Expand and Invest to Grow

Since launching our Expand and Invest to Grow strategy in 2019, we continue to make strong progress, fuelled by our purpose, to restore brain health so everyone can be their best.

Delivering on our promises

We have taken significant strides to expand our operating space through a number of acquisitions in 2019, which gave us the platforms needed to expand our areas of focus in neuroscience. With new product launches, we are beginning to establish a new frontier in new disease areas as well as expanding our presence into protein-based therapies. Furthermore, we are continuously expanding our existing portfolio of medicines into new markets.


The changes we made to how we approach R&D enables us to de-risk our internal pipeline compounds in early development. We utilise an experimental medicine approach to identify effects of a drug in carefully selected patient populations, to find the most efficient clinical pathway powered by leading biomarkers and study designs and advance the most promising drug candidates into full development.


We have made choices as to where we will focus our efforts to enhance our operations digitally, which will pick up pace into 2021. Also, we have taken steps to fortify our winning culture with increased agility, collaboration, diversity and inclusion. These are just a few of many actions that are helping us deliver on the promise of our strategy to yield sustainable, long-term profitable growth.

“Our commitment to providing lifechanging medicines is based on our strong neuroscience expertise. The ground-breaking innovation we see in our own labs and those of the external neuroscience community give us great optimism for the future of brain health”. deborah dunsire, president & CEO

Creating value through our unique position

Our goal continues to be providing innovative treatments for patients that create value for the company. Achieving our fullest potential as a mid-size, specialist pharmaceutical company requires that we thoughtfully concentrate our efforts where we can make the most difference for patients and in areas that set us up best for long-term growth.


While we maximise the medicines and brands that we already have, we will simultaneously focus on filling our pipeline with treatments for brain diseases and niche diseases affecting subpopulations of people where there is a high, unmet medical need. By focusing on niche and rare disease neurology and niche psychiatry indications, we can best take advantage of our size and strong relationships with specialist healthcare providers to deliver powerful solutions to challenging diseases.


Just as important to filling our pipeline and selling our medicines, is the manufacturing of our medicines, whether internally or via external contract manufacturing. We have strong internal capabilities within small molecule and antibody processes and formulation development to support our R&D pipeline, internal small molecule manufacturing and through our contract manufacturing partners for biologics.


Our three priorities across Production Development & Supply remain quality, reliability and cost. We have ambitious goals to continuously improve performance with a strong focus on operational excellence.


We aim to build on what we have achieved and capitalise further on the strong fundamentals that are deeply ingrained in Lundbeck; our rich heritage of developing and producing generally well tolerated and effective treatments for patients, our deep scientific knowledge in psychiatry and neurology and our patient-centric mindset. We will focus on embracing new biologies and technologies, adjusting and learning as we forge ahead.

“We have made great progress against the strategic imperatives, expanding our operating space and rebuilding our pipeline to drive future growth”. Deborah Dunsire, President & CEO

Five strategic imperatives

There are five strategic imperatives at the core of Lundbeck’s strategy.

  1. Maximising performance of existing brands
  2. Expanding our operating space
  3. Rebuilding our pipeline
  4. Maintaining focus on profitability
  5. Enhancing our organisational agility and collaboration

Our Long-Term Ambition: To Be #1 in Brain Health

Over the past two years, we have made strategic choices around where we put our efforts across our entire business. With the choices we made, we have lofty ambitions for what the future should look like when we succeed.


Our ambition is to be #1 in Brain Health – so what does that mean?


  • We will have top quartile financial results in our peer group. By focusing on our patients and our products, top financial performance will follow.


  • We will have a premier neuroscience pipeline filled with assets that will make a difference to our patients.


  • We will have an established and focused commercial footprint around commercially attractive patient segments in niche and rare neurology and niche psychiatry.


  • We will be best in class in terms of how we use digital technologies to improve patient outcomes.


  • We will be a company leveraging diversity, with top talents across all functions.


  • We will continue to deliver sustainable growth in revenue and profitability.


  • And finally, we will be on track to be carbon neutral. Giving back to society is as equally important as financial performance.


The culmination of all this together is what will make us #1 in Brain Health, serving the people who need new medicines to help them conquer brain diseases. It will take every brain being fully “in the game” to achieve it. We continue to prioritise and take action, year by year to stay on track.

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Our Science

Lundbeck has developed some of the most widely prescribed therapies for brain diseases.


Lundbeck remains committed to sustainability through our strong strategy.

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