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Being a Voice of Advocacy

Lundbeck Magazine is one way we raise awareness, challenge standards, and encourage conversations about brain disease. On these pages, we feature true patient stories, scientific developments, and news worth sharing.

As a specialized pharmaceutical company in brain disease, we naturally focus on discovering and developing innovative medical treatments. We do, however, also see it as our obligation to be a voice of advocacy.  


We know that it can be hard for people who have not had personal experiences with the impact of mental illness to relate to people living with brain diseases. It is equally challenging for those living with brain diseases to explain their experience, as the layers of stigma and fear are many.


To end discrimination and work towards a nuanced and educated understanding of the person and the disease, we continue to find ways for people who live with brain disease to advocate for themselves.


And this is why we publish the Lundbeck Magazine - to amplify the stories, needs, and messages of the brain disease community.  

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2012 - 2013

2012 - 2013

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