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Career development in Accounting to Reporting

Grow your career in finance with us

In the Accounting to Reporting team, you can find career opportunities that match your level of experience and expertise.   

Career path

Whether you are a student looking for an internship or a professional seeking a new challenge, we are promising you an exciting journey that will meet your development expectations.   


Apart from a career within GBS Krakow, we may offer opportunities at the global team of Lundbeck. Some roles can be based in Krakow while the others offered as assignments or transfers to other countries.


Growth opportunities

A2R Academy

The mission of A2R Academy is to empower each team member with the tools and insights necessary to excel in a chosen field.  The A2R Academy provides various internal and external training programs and webinars mainly focused on refining the hard and soft skills. 

Talent Programs

Aspire Talent Program for Finance Experts is a blended learning offering junior specialists in finance, consisting of practical workshops, insights into day-to-day operations, formal training, and a set of tasks to be completed by the participants. As the Program is run by experienced A2R professionals, participants have a unique opportunity to get to know the specifics of work in various roles.

Participation in Projects

Being a part of the Accounting to Reporting team gives plenty of opportunities to work on various processes and projects and collaborate with diverse individuals and teams.  This contributes to:

  • Gaining a deep understanding of the business and the industry
  • Improving subject-matter expertise that aligns with employee's interests.
  • Developing leadership skills.

Professional certification

Lundbeck GBS Krakow is ACCA Approved Employer, which is a recognition of the continuing professional development opportunities provided to ACCA members. We also provide support to ACCA trainees working towards the ACCA Qualification.


We are committed to ensuring our students, affiliates and members have the right skills, ethics, and competencies to add value and drive businesses around the world forward. The Platinum level of employee approval means we ensure that our trainees achieve ACCA’s Practical Experience Requirement (PER) and  receive support to complete the exams and ethics components of the ACCA Qualification.

GBS-Based assignments

Internal assignments give a chance to deepen business expertise within GBS and develop skills that are important for individual growth.

International assignments

Lundbeck operates in more than 50 countries around the world and there are many opportunities for GBS Krakow employees to participate in assignments outside Poland. Each assignment becomes a turning point in the professional growth of our employees as it brings a valuable understanding of our business and offers a wealth of new experiences.

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Career Areas

We offer career paths for established professionals, students, and

Our Value Chain

It takes about 10-15 years for a new drug to move through the pharmaceutical value chain.

Life at Lundbeck

5,800 colleagues, +50 countries, working with one aim.