Brintellix® (vortioxetine)

Why have I been prescribed Brintellix?

Brintellix is a prescription medicine which is indicated for the treatment of major depressive episodes in adults. 

Your doctor has prescribed Brintellix for you in order to treat your depression and to help reduce any associated symptoms you may have.

Many people think of depression as simply feeling sad, but it is a much more complex medical condition and every patient’s experience of it is different.

Part of what makes depression complex is that people with the condition experience multiple symptoms.

Depression can include emotional, physical and cognitive symptoms.

Emotional symptoms

 The emotional symptoms such as sadness, feelings of hopelessness and anxiety are perhaps those traditionally most associated with depression.

Physical symptoms

Physical symptoms of depression are wide ranging and can involve problems with sleep, appetite and weight, sexual dysfunction and headaches.

Cognitive symptoms

Cognitive symptoms affect attention, memory, and decision-making, which can have negative consequences on daily functioning, affecting work or educational performance.

While everybody with a diagnosis of depression experiences either depressed mood or decreased interest or pleasure in doing things, a list of possible symptoms includes:

  • Feeling down, depressed, or hopeless
  • Little interest or pleasure in doing things
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep, or sleeping too much
  • Feeling tired or having little energy
  • Poor appetite, overeating, or considerable weight changes
  • Feeling bad about yourself or having a lot of guilt
  • Difficulty concentrating on things or making decisions
  • Moving or speaking slowly, so that other people have noticed
  • Feeling restless and moving around a lot
  • Thoughts of death or self-harmIt is important to talk to your healthcare professional about your symptoms and how they affect you.

It is important to talk to your healthcare professional about your symptoms and how they affect you.

What is Brintellix?
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