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I can strongly identify myself with our mission and beliefs

Meet Aleksandra who has had quite a journey with the Accounting to Reporting team at Lundbeck GBS Krakow and is fascinated with her role.

What is your story with Lundbeck?


Time flies so fast… I just realized that this year I will be celebrating my 5th anniversary with Lundbeck!. I joined in August 2018 as Financial Controller and I will always have fond memories of my first team in Lundbeck. It was such a good time to learn all these new things, get to know the company and fantastic people and feels that I can make a difference. In December 2019, I got the opportunity to go to the headquarters in Copenhagen for a five-month assignment in Group Accounting and Reporting and it was a unique experience. I participated in the Annual Report preparation process, learned a completely new scope for me, built strong relationships with colleagues in Group Finance and explored Denmark. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, I returned to Krakow in March 2020 and continued my assignment working from home. Then my
scope was transferred officially from Group Finance to GBS Krakow and we have been getting more and more tasks over time.


What is your role in Lundbeck GBS Krakow now?


I currently work as Senior Corporate Financial Controller at GBS Krakow. My team is responsible for making sure that reports are prepared according to International Financial Reporting Standards, Lundbeck accounting policies, and internal and external stakeholders’ requirements. We work closely with various departments in GBS Krakow as well as with finance people around the world. I supervise the process of consolidation and reporting from Krakow, and I am involved in different projects. I have quite wide working experience from previous companies, and I have gained a very good knowledge of processes and systems in Lundbeck. That’s why I often contribute to various topics and can bring added value by sharing my knowledge and experience.


What do you like most about being part of Lundbeck GBS Krakow?


The people I work with are not only very competent professionals but also interesting individuals and great colleagues. Such an environment helps me develop my skills and makes me feel at home and have fun at work. I love our passionate discussions about complex accounting matters as well as our conversations about daily things not related to work. I am proud of being part of the Lundbeck organization and I can strongly identify myself with our mission and beliefs. Regarding Lundbeck GBS Krakow, I think that Management treats all employees fairly and cares about people’s needs. What I like the most is that I am never bored in my role, and am constantly exposed to various challenges. It makes my work interesting, allows me to grow and keeps me motivated.


What are your passions and hobbies?


I like trying new things. Maybe that’s why I don’t have one specific hobby. At different times in my life or depending on my mood, I get to engage in different activities in my free time. I love reading books or listening to audiobooks, running or cycling, walking in the mountains or along long sandy beaches, skiing or ice skating, and visiting big cities as well as small villages. Even if I don’t like cooking in general, I can spend half or even a whole day in the kitchen trying new recipes and it gives me a lot of satisfaction. Last year I tried diving, and it was an amazing experience for me, especially since I’ve always been afraid of deep water. So, in general, discovering new things is the biggest fun for me.


I’m the mother of two girls and I try to do all these things with them and my husband. We spend quite a lot of time together, but I still have the impression that it’s not enough, and the children grow up too fast…

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