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I can always rely on my managers, and not be afraid to admit my mistakes to them as they always help to find solutions.

Meet Patrycja who started her journey with Lundbeck as an HR Intern and progressed to People & Organization Generalist.

What is your story with Lundbeck?

I started my journey here as an HR Intern in 2017. During this time, I gained knowledge of HR processes and operations. Over the next two years, I progressed to become a junior HR Specialist and then an HR Specialist. After successfully completing an internal recruitment process, I embarked on a new adventure as a Mobility Specialist. In this role, I collaborated with a global, international team and worked with stakeholders worldwide.Since early 2023, I have been working as a People Organization Generalist, closely cooperating with the Senior P&O Business Partner at Lundbeck GBS Krakow.

What specific steps did you take to work on your personal growth?

During my journey in the HR Operations Team, I actively sought opportunities to participate in the most important projects across our team in Krakow as well as in HR operations teams in various countries, allowing me to learn about the specific requirements and regulations for each region. Additionally, I underwent training in Polish labor law, which was generously supported and covered by Lundbeck GBS Krakow.

The most enriching experience for my career was the opportunity to travel to Lundbeck HQ in Denmark for two months. During this time, I had the chance to work face-to-face with my team and personally meet many stakeholders. This experience provided me with a different perspective on the processes and work dynamics, and it enhanced my ability to build international collaborations.
Currently, I am privileged to continue my professional growth by participating in various trainings offered by Lundbeck. I have the opportunity to attend numerous workshops in Krakow where I can interact with other professionals dealing with HR in Polish corporations.

What helps you to overcome challenges?

I can always rely on my managers, and not be afraid to admit my mistakes to them as they always help to find solutions.

I vividly recall their words: "Everyone makes mistakes, but when we see that you are making an effort and striving to be your best, these issues become insignificant, and we will always find a solution."

What are the 3 things that you like at Lundbeck? 

1. Trust of managers: there is no micro-management and I always have a free hand.2. Flexible work. I know that if I completed all my tasks, I could count on finishing working earlier or taking some days off. 3. People of Lundbeck are the other key advantage for me. I feel they are like classmates for me. Anytime I need some help, I can count on my colleagues and manager.

What do you do in your free time?

When I need some time for myself, I’m running or climbing. During the day I may have lots of contacts with different people. Running after work cleans my head and reduces stress. On weekends I prefer to go climbing, especially if the weather is nice. I get out to my heights destination and look around at the landscape. It’s very satisfying and calming for me. I believe physical activity is what gives me energy.

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