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I do not feel anonymous in my workplace – my ideas are heard, and my voice counts when shaping our processes. 

Meet Antonina, who has extensive experience working in the Accounts Receivable team at Lundbeck and is also dedicated to organizing after-hours events for her colleagues.

What is your story with Lundbeck?

For most of my career, I worked in outsourced Accounts Receivable, which meant that I wasn’t part of a specific company but rather a vendor. Even though I closely cooperated with local offices/affiliates worldwide, my scope and responsibilities were limited and strictly governed by Service Level Agreements and segregation of duty rules. In such a role, it was hard for me to build relationships with the people I worked with.   

When I joined Lundbeck in January 2022 as a Senior Specialist for Accounts Receivable & Intercompany Team in Procurement & Finance Operations, I finally found an opportunity to grow within a more stable environment. Now I work with foreign entities in the US, Canada, Greece, and Italy. Being part of the organization has made me feel connected and, as a result, more dedicated to my job. 

What makes Lundbeck special for you?

Working here has made me more aware of the entire process flow between Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger. Since I take an active part in period-end closure activities, I can see firsthand how our daily tasks in Procurement and Finance Operations impact other Teams in GBS Krakow. 

For example, in outsourcing, your scope is very limited and tasks are highly repetitive: you can be part of either the Collection or Cash Application Team, but never both. Here at Lundbeck, I work in insourcing, covering all aspects of Accounts Receivable processes, including billing, collection, cash application, and intercompany accounting. Of course, it is challenging, but it’s also much more engaging! 

Moreover, here in Lundbeck, I feel recognized as an employee. This is partly because Lundbeck GBS Krakow is relatively small compared to other Shared Service Centers in Kraków. In this context, being smaller means being better for an employee.  

For the first time in my career, I do not feel anonymous in my workplace – my ideas are heard, and my voice counts when shaping our processes. 
Thanks to the Recognize App, I can receive immediate positive feedback from both my manager and coworkers. It’s not just kind words but also actual awards received via MyBenefit platform. It’s a fantastic addition to our daily work! 

Who are you outside of your work?

Along with several colleagues, I’m involved in organizing the after-hours activity of our team. If you ever tried to organize such meetings with your colleagues, you know how challenging it can be to find the right time and place to gather everyone and have fun. Nevertheless, I love doing it.    

My dad instilled in me a deep love for the mountains – skiing in winter, hiking in spring, and rock climbing in summer. I also love the idea of city breaks and exploring new places, especially through their cuisine. 

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