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Lars Lau Raket

Working to Understand the Puzzle of the Brain

How to put together a puzzle that is missing pieces, colors, and shapes? Meet Lars, a Senior Specialist, Biometric Science to find out how he works with different departments, data, and methods to figure out some of these unknowns.

Lars Lau Raket


Number of years in Lundbeck: 3.5




Senior Specialist, Biometric Science 

Describe the core of your work

I work on linking medical and biological knowledge with different types data and analytical methods to improve our understanding of the brain. But brain diseases are incredibly complex, so this is often akin to doing a huge puzzle with lots of missing pieces – and some pieces may even lack shape or color. When we collaborate across departments, we can sometimes gather enough puzzle pieces to get an idea of what the big picture looks like. These are the most satisfying moments of my job. 

Describe your time in Lundbeck

In my time at Lundbeck, I have had the opportunity to work in different departments which has given different perspectives on the drug-development process. Starting as a biostatistician, I got hand-on experience about designing and conducting clinical studies. Before moving to my current role, I worked as a data scientist in bioinformatics which taught me about the genetics of brain disease and how omics data can be used in drug discovery and in clinical studies.

What is the best thing about working in Lundbeck?

The best thing about working for Lundbeck is that I get to work on highly complex problems with amazingly talented coworkers – and you persist despite setbacks because you know that your work will eventually lead to better lives of patients living with brain disease. 

How would you describe the Lundbeck culture?

Lundbeck has a small-company culture despite being quite a big company. The atmosphere is informal and trustful, and you’ll quickly get to know colleagues across the entire organization. 

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