Patients and Families

Committed to the education and support of patients, we provide educational materials for patients, their relatives and caregivers by way of information booklets and the Lundbeck mySupport online programme. Lundbeck mission to improve the quality of life for those suffering from psychiatric and neurological disorders. We believe that our contribution to a mentally healthy South Africa is fundamental to our purpose.

South African Depression and
Anxiety Group (SADAG)
Tel:  0800 567 567

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Lundbeck mySupport

Alzheimer’s SA
Help Line 0860 102 681
National Office 011 478 2234

Dementia SA
021 421 0077/8
021 418 5888

Parkinson Association
011 787 8792

The OCD Group
(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
Tel: 011 447-7149

Mental Health Information Centre
Tel: 021 938-9229
Fax: 021 931-4172


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