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Maria Dalby

The Feeling of Belonging and the Culture at Lundbeck

Maria joined Lundbeck in 2011 first as a student assistant, later as a master student, and now as a Post-Doc fellow in the department of Bioinformatics. In her daily work, she draws on not only numbers and data but also the culture at Lundbeck to aid in her research work.

Maria Dalby


Number of years in Lundbeck: 2 continuous, 5 in total




Principal Bioinformatician

Describe the core of your work

I am an industrial Post.Doc fellow, working in Research and Development in the Department of Bioinformatics. My work is centred around research in mood disorders with a focus on understanding various factors that can determine the risk of disease. Most of my time is spent on analysis and modelling of clinical and real-world human data.

Describe your time at Lundbeck

I joined Lundbeck in 2011 as a student assistant and later as a master student. Experiencing the culture in the company and networking with people was crucial for my later employment. I have been in my current position since 2018, where I enjoy working in the crossroad between research and the clinic in the challenging field of psychiatric genetics.

How would you describe the Lundbeck culture?

The culture in Lundbeck is warm and inclusive and it took me a very short time to get the feeling of belonging. In my daily work, I get to meet dedicated people across the organisation where different backgrounds and cultures come together. I am proud of working in a place that addresses one of the biggest challenges in today’s society, whilst taking great responsibility for the patients treated.

“I am proud of working in a place that addresses one of the biggest challenges in today’s society while taking great responsibility for the patients treated.” Maria Dalby

What motivates you in your daily work?

I am motivated by working with novel research ideas that address an unmet need for people suffering from mental illness, such as personalised medicine for improved treatment. It is an exciting time to be a data scientist in Lundbeck, where innovative projects and re-thinking has high priority.

Pablo Martín-Gago, Scientist

Why Copenhagen and Why Lundbeck

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