Development at Lundbeck UK

Lundbeck UK are committed to developing its people.

Each person at Lundbeck has a bi-annual performance review and an annual development discussion.  The performance review focuses on setting and reviewing performance objectives, and assessment against our operating principles.

Our Competencies
Culture is about the behaviours and actions of our people.  Our competency framework helps define, assess and reinforce the behaviours that support our values and culture. 

  • Delivering Results
  • Communicating
  • Developing Self
  • Personal Drive
  • Innovation & Improvement
  • Customer Focus
  • Principles & Values
  • Working Together

Professional - Behavioural

  • Managing & Developing Others
  • Influencing & Negotiation
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Managing Change
  • Analysis & Decision Making
  • Project Management; Planning & Organising

Professional - Technical

These competencies vary dependent upon your area of the business.

Developing your Career

Career development usually occurs as a result of a successful combination of self-development, self-motivation, training and career opportunities.

The Company is committed to helping you maximise your potential.

Lundbeck UK's Structure

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