Culture in Lundbeck UK

Clearly aligned to the Corporate Vision and Values of Lundbeck, we also distil these down to a local level in a way that provides day-to-day clarity of purpose.

The UK vision is making every day a better day for people affected by brain diseases.

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Underpinning our vision are three strategic pillars; Deliver excellent results, Deliver value to customers, Be a great place to work.

Aligned to our strategy and vision are our operating principles; guidelines for our daily behaviour.  There are four operating principles; Be Ambitious and Take Action; Own The Future; Better For Less; Create Results Together.

Every employee is measured against both their objectives, set in line with the vision, and the operating principles, to ensure we are achieving both the 'what' and the 'how'. 

Our culture is very important to us at Lundbeck UK, and we believe is key to our success.  We regularly celebrate success; high achievers, demonstration of the right behaviours, long-service awards.  We work hard and play hard.

We are a medium-sized pharmaceutical company, and are therefore nimble when making decisions, and enable each individual to have a job where they can take full accountability for their role.

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