Access to data

Lundbeck anticipate being able to respond to the applicant within a reasonable period of time from submission of a complete research proposal. When the application is approved, and following receipt of a signed Data Sharing Agreement, the requested data will be anonymised and then Lundbeck will grant access.

The signed Data Sharing Agreement will include the Applicant's agreement not to (1) transfer shared data or information to parties not identified in the research proposal, (2) use the data beyond purposes contained in the research proposal, and (3) seek to re-identify study participants/patients.

Applicants shall agree to share results with Lundbeck, pursue publication of results, and, if these results have implications for public health, share results with regulatory authorities prior to any publication. Lundbeck encourage researchers to provide the Data Sharing Agreement template to relevant legal staff at their institution so it can be signed quickly following approval of the research proposal.

Publication of results

The Data Sharing Agreement requires that after the researcher has completed the research per the approved study proposal and analysis plan, the researcher will share results with Lundbeck and pursue publication of results.

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