Our Culture

What’s Lundbeck about?

Our vision is to become a world leader in psychiatry and neurology. 

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people suffering from psychiatric and neurological disorders. 

Imaginative – Dare to be different

‘Imaginative’ underlines a need to dare to be different. Lundbeck believes in the necessity of being open to new knowledge and alternative solutions. This is the cornerstone of Lundbeck’s value chain, from research and development to production, marketing and sales.

Passionate – Never give up

‘Passionate’ refers to a long-standing tradition of never giving up. Lundbeck has met with setbacks – and will meet them again – in the effort to find new treatments for CNS disorders.

Responsible – Do the right thing

‘Responsible’ means that Lundbeck employees are expected to do the right thing and act responsibly towards colleagues, the environment and the external community.

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