Names and Compounds of our Products 

Lundbeck has a broad range of products within brain diseases. With registered products in more than 100 countries, we leverage our global presence to bring innovative therapies to people living with brain diseases around the world. 
Disease Area Trademark Compound First Registration Registered no. of Countries
Parkinson's disease Azilect® Rasagiline 2005 7
Alcohol dependence Selincro® Nalmefene 2013 37
Alzheimer's disease Ebixa®, Ebix®, Abixa®, Memantine Merz® Memantine 2002 76
Migraine Vyepti® Eptinezumab 2020 52
Epilepsy Carnexiv® Carbamazepine 2016 1
Sabril® Vigabatrin 1993 2
Onfi®, Frisium® Clobazam 1975 2
Depression, Anxiety Rexulti®, Rxulti® Brexpiprazole 2015 62
Brintellix®, Trintellix®, Fonksera®, Vortioson®, Vurtuoso® Vortioxetine 2013 95
Cipralex®, Lexapro®, Sipralexa®, Seroplex®, Entact®, Lepax®, Premalex®, Prilect®, Esipram®, Esertia®, Rhea Escitalopram® Escitalopram Oxalate 2001 100
Cipramil®, Seropram®, Cipram®, Sepram®, Celexa®, Elopram®, Prisdal® Citalopram 1988 60
Deanxit® Flupentixol + melitracene 1971 19
Noritren®, Nortrilen®, Sensaval® Nortriptyline 1963 14
Saroten®, Sarotex®, Redomex®, Sarotena® Amitriptyline 1960 9
Psychosis Rexulti®, Rxulti® Brexpiprazole 2015 62
Abilify Maintena® Aripiprazole 2013 50
Serdolect® Sertindol 1996 30
Cisordinol®, Clopixol®, Ciatyl-Z® Zuclopenthixol 1982 55
Cisordinol Depot®, Clopixol Depot®, Ciatyl-Z Depot® Zuclopenthixoldecanoate 1976 74
Fluanxol Depot®, Depixol®, Fluanxol LP®, Fluanxol Retard® Cis(Z)-Flupenticoldecanoate 1970 67
Fluanxol®, Fluanxol Mite®, Depixol® Flupentixol 1965 43
Truxal® Chlorprothixene 1959 16
Cisordinol-Acutard®, Clopixol-Acutard®, Clopixol-Acuphase®, Ciatyl-Z-Acuphase® Zuclopenthixolacetate 1986 65
Other Northera® Droxidopa 2014 1
Vigil® Modafinil 2009 1

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