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The mission of The Lundbeck Institute is to develop, provide and cascade unbiased, evidence-based medical education in psychiatry and neurology from leading experts to health care professionals and create a forum to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking and collaborations.

Over 20 Years Experience in Educating the Medical Community

Psychiatric and neurological disorders are prevalent and impose an enormous burden, not only for patients and their families but also for broader society. The impact of these diseases is underestimated, and their management generally under-resourced.

Our aim is to provide accessible high quality medical education worldwide, to support health care professionals in improving the quality of life of people living with psychiatric or neurological disorders through up-to-date disease understanding leading to optimized care.


Since its foundation in 1997, The Lundbeck Institute has been committed to providing expert, international, interactive seminars, thereby building a valued legacy in medical education. The seminars cover mood disorders, schizophrenia, dementia and Parkinson’s disease*. In addition, we offer educational materials, and tools for facilitating locally-run workshops.

Lundbeck institute seminars

The Lundbeck Institute seminars, which cover mood disorders, schizophrenia, dementia and Parkinson’s disease, are open to all. Please note that The Lundbeck Institute cannot guarantee that there are places available at your chosen seminar. For further information on seminar content and seminar fees

About the Lundbeck Institute Campus

Here are some examples of the kinds of materials which can be found in the Lundbeck Institute Campus for healthcare professionals. 

Slide library

View or download presentations on psychiatric & neurological conditions with integrated data visualisations and supporting reader or speaker notes.

Image bank

Your evolving psychiatry & neurology image library - supporting your learning and teaching needs.

Disease atlas

An interactive disease atlas, presenting statistics on prevalence and burden of disease for select psychiatric and neurological conditions.


The latest news & perspectives in psychiatry & neurology from our editorial team.


Expert-led presentations, interviews and in-depth explainers on key topics for your ongoing professional learning.

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Our Commitment

We strive for Progress in Mind - our multifaceted approach to patients.

Clinical Trials

How we register clinical trial protocols and disclose results of clinical trials.

Donations and Grants

We may provide donations and grants to eligible and appropriate purposes.