In line with Lundbeck Group’s long tradition of ethical behaviour, LUPI aims to be a leading company in the field of environmental sustainability.


In this regard too, a management system for Environment aspects was firstly introduced in 2000, leading four years later to the ISO 14001 Certification on Environment Protection, regularly maintained and renewed ever since.

Today, LUPI’s policy is to adopt the best available technologies on treatment of emissions and other waste effluents. About fifteen per cent of the company’s total investments is allocated in minimizing the environmental impact (optimization of energy consumption and reduction of air emission). Furthermore, all exhaust and waste water coming from the plant are treated by a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer and a modern biological plant before getting released in the planet.

For further details on LUPI’s environmental performances please consult Lundbeck Environmental Annual Report, available at Lundbeck HSE Strategy.

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