Research and Development

LUPI has a long tradition on process research and development, with approximately 35 reaction steps developed per year (from bench scale to full industrialization).

LUPI’s PhD chemists have a strong background on the identification of innovative and non-infringing processes, the optimization and the industrialization and robustness evaluation of chemical processes. Within the R&D group a selected team of analytical researchers is dedicated to PAT (Process Analytical Technology), DOE (Design of Experiments), process calorimetry, safety evaluation, impurity profile investigation and characterization.

In addition to standard equipment for process research, the laboratories  feature a cGMP kilo lab equipped with glass reactors, consisting of two separated and confined suites, one designed to operate at ISO 7 and one at ISO 5 (Class 100).

Kilo Lab Equipments

A cGMP pilot plant with two separate suites – one designed to operate at ISO 7 and one at ISO 8 — and a total capacity of 1750 L, completes the range of services that LUPI’s R&D Department offers to its customers.

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