Suppliers and third parties

Supplier and Third Party Obligations

We engage suppliers and third parties when providing innovative treatments to patients. To ensure these collaborations add value to local economies with the most positive outcomes, we apply systematic procedures to respect human and labour rights, ensure environmental protection and prevent corruption.

Our compliance framework

For decades, we have used quality processes to ensure the regulatory compliance of our suppliers and third parties within research, development, and manufacturing. In 2005, we extended our assessment of contract manufacturers to include human and labour rights, health and safety and environmental obligations (link to list). Since establishing our Code of Conduct in 2010, these procedures have evolved into a pivotal element within our compliance and sustainability framework.


Legal entity that invoices Lundbeck directly or indirectly for a product or service.

Third parties

Professionals and entities performing activities within Lundbeck’s core business areas either on behalf of or in the material interest of Lundbeck

Today, we have systematic due diligence and monitoring procedures for business collaborations, aimed at identifying and mitigating specific risks:


  • Conflicts of interest
  • Financial crime (including bribery, tax evasion and violations of trade sanctions)
  • Promotional misconduct
  • Human and labour rights violations
  • Significant environmental impact


These procedures are particularly important for collaborations involving chemical manufacturing, customs clearance, price negotiations, obtaining product marketing authorizations, organizing promotional or educational events and selling products. 


Besides protecting Lundbeck, the procedures are essential to fulfilling our commitment to UN Global Compact Principles and OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises. Further, the procedures and actions contributing towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Lundbeck’s Code of Conduct Third Party Obligations.

Maintaining global obligations

Across our global organization, our senior management follows consistent procedures to identity and mitigate specified risks before any contractual commitments. We support the operational process by agreement templates containing relevant requirements, and access to guidelines, training and expert advice.

Our experts use professional databases and public sources to perform an objective and documented assessment of relevant risks and topics. Before engaging in sensitive collaborations such as chemical manufacturing, we conduct detailed onsite audits. 

Continuous dialogue

Continuous dialogue with our suppliers and third parties is essential to maintaining trust. We support this dialogue with training, performance monitoring and compliance audits.


Read more about our ambitions and results in our most recent Communication on Progress to the UN Global Compact.

UN Global Compact

You can read more about our health and safety initiatives and performance in our most recent Communication on Progress to the UN Global Compact.

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