Core Technologies

A Process Development company

In an extremely flexible, multipurpose plant where a broad range of reactions can be run, LUPI routinely masters challenging chemistry and processes which may be considered the company core technology.

› ORGANOMETALLIC REACTIONS GRIGNARD preparation and reaction (also in continuous), lithiation and metal catalyzed cross-coupling reactions.
› CONTROL OF CRYSTALLIZATION conditions, racemate resolution, polymorph evaluation, salts screening.
› DISTILLATION via High Vacuum Fractional Distillation and Thin Film for the purification of thermolabile compounds.
› SEPARATION & PURIFICATION through either standard column chromatography or large scale SMB.
› HANDLING OF HIGHLY TOXIC SUBSTANCES (cyanide salts, chlorine, bromine) and strongly acidic chemistry (liquid SO3).
› HIGH PRESSURE REACTIONS, hydrogenation, amination.
› BROAD TEMPERATURE RANGE from –80° C up to 300°C.