Focus on production

With expertise on crystallization and solid mixtures, and production lines all engineered for operating in Class C / ISO 7, Lupi focuses on the production of speciality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), and those requiring high levels of containment.


Here research becomes reality.
LUPI’s facilities cover an area of over 30.000 square meters featuring three separate production units for a total of 14 reaction trains. Production areas and equipment in contact with products are designed to meet the strictest pharmaceutical requirements.

Core technologies

A process development company.

An extremely flexible, multipurpose plant where a broad range of reactions can be run, LUPI routinely masters challenging chemistry and processes of which, the following, may be considered the company core technology. 

Business Model

A flexible, effective and competitive business.

LUPI’s business model is built on three different lines of products, ensuring a great flexibility in the production planning and optimal capacity utilization, providing for high equipment occupancy and effective costs management.