Lundbeck Korea and Hanmi Pharm agree to co-promote Ebixa in the Korea market

It is my great pleasure to announce that on Nov. 27, 2009, Lundbeck Korea and Hanmi Pharmaceuticals agreed to co-promote Ebixa in the Korean Market. The agreement will be effective from Jan. 1, 2010.


Lundbeck Korea and Hanmi Pharm will sell Ebixa with the same brand name in the same hospitals, as a “double-hit” co-promotion strategy. As part of the agreement, Hanmi will receive a share from the additional Ebixa sales generated (based upon exceeding 2009 Ebixa sales level).  


Hanmi Pharm was ranked 3rd in the Korean pharmaceutical market with 558 bil. KRW (2,365 mil. DKK) sales in 2008. It holds the number 1 position in the prescription market. They have a large sale force with 800 reps covering 100% of hospitals in Korea.


The co-promotion agreement is part of the Decisions Now programme. The agreement will enable Lundbeck Korea to reach untapped markets, which were previously unreachable due to limited resources, and it will significantly increase Ebixa’s share of voice against competitors.


I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to all staff at Lundbeck Korea for making this agreement possible. Their hard work enabled us to secure this contract very quickly.



Pil Soo Oh

Managing Director of Lundbeck Korea

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